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Brief Word of Competition

I’ve had many people over the years try to run me into the ground. They’ve make me lose employment because they were jealous that a young guy like I had more than they. I had a future, while they spent their years empty of ambition- wasting their money, and fucking and having kids. Some employers thought I was not good enough for them, and choose someone empty of ambitions. Women tried to replace me with men worse looking, and less successful in life, as if to insult my pride. In university, the elite academics from wealthy families such as places like UBC tried to crush me on the competitive grading scales, so I would misperform or fail, so they could make it into graduate school and advance their careers, while I would perish to the system.

In the grand scheme of things, I only viewed such people as competition. Competition I shall outcompete, and defeat in life’s battles. Competition only to make me richer one day, myself as a shareholder. When the war is over, and they are bent over in a life they hate- whether in student debt, in a dead end job, or paying child support payments they never planned for, I shall be in a Ferrari driving along the sunny beaches to early retirement.