Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
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Alberta Business Owners Hate Banks

Flawed Taxpayer-Funded Banking System in Alberta and Canada

Disgruntled Business Owners Vent their Frustrations at Alberta’s Taxpayer-Sponsored Banking System Dear government of Alberta, This is a letter expressing the pains of entrepreneurs and…

Society's Expectations of Seniority over Merit

Time over Economic Efficiency

Suppose 2 people- each in a Ferrari, travelling the world, and laying on a beach in the morning instead of fighting in traffic to get…

September 2017 – Month 52 in Alberta

Outsmarting the banks hell-bent on stopping risk takers such as investors, volatile high-income employees, and entrepreneurs. Shielding the fruits of my labour from the government…

Being a Victim and Slave of Time

This June marks the first month after 4 years in Alberta, upon leaving Vancouver as I threw all my belongings into my car. I’ve made many goals ever…