Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
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Businessman with empty wallet considering bankruptcy, consumer proposal, or debt settlement.

Eliminating Debt: Settlement, Consumer Proposal, Bankruptcy

Consolidation loans rarely work in practice. Due to bad credit and elevated debt level relative to income, most lenders are redundant to take the risk…

Rental condos, brick exterior style in Vancouver and Alberta

Tale of Risk Taking: Career Paths and Real Estate

Three Students Choosing Different Careers and Investments Buddy A: Bought a Vancouver condo for $400,000 even in 2014, with 10% down. Rented it out and…

Consulting in oil and gas Alberta

Changing Careers – Oilfield, Financial Reporting & Consulting

I had someone introduce the topic of changing careers out of accounting and financial reporting. I found this interesting as it contrasts my experience. I’m…

Dealing with Commercial Lenders & Banks in Alberta's Oilfield

A Message to Commercial Lenders

Trying to Get Commercial Funding in Alberta’s Oil Patch “We know you tried and that’s all matters. We understand that you’re just doing your job,…

Alberta Business Owners Hate Banks

Flawed Taxpayer-Funded Banking System in Alberta and Canada

Disgruntled Business Owners Vent their Frustrations at Alberta’s Taxpayer-Sponsored Banking System Dear government of Alberta, This is a letter expressing the pains of entrepreneurs and…

Analyzing the Market

Buyouts and Decreasing Returns Towards Equilibrium

The struggle to find consistent high yield stocks, in businesses generating consistent, high yield returns (1) Most investors (or wanna-be ones) aim for a 7-10%…

Mercedes Maybach S650 Brabus Rocket 900

The Perceived Sin of Pursuit

Society tells us to want to look beautiful, to want more assets, and to climb the social ladder is to sin. But what’s wrong with…

Rental Property ROI Calculation

Quick Real Estate Investment Return Analysis Sample

I’m thinking of renting out my current condo (1150 sq ft, 2+1bed 2 bath, too big for my 1 person house hold) and buying a…

Goals in Edmonton Alberta, sitting at desk

Mid-2018 Goal Update

I’ve been daydreaming about getting the CPA, since I am my own company’s accountant and have the patience for it. What I do seems to…

Job Interview and HR

Four Common Declines of Sympathy

When first impressions are all you get (1) I’ve had a woman complain to me just because I put a smiley face instead of a…