Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
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Consulting in oil and gas Alberta

Changing Careers – Oilfield, Financial Reporting & Consulting

I had someone introduce the topic of changing careers out of accounting and financial reporting. I found this interesting as it contrasts my experience. I’m…

Unhappy Alberta Workers over Pay Cuts and Layoffs

The Decline of the Worker’s Market

People who work more for less ruining it for everybody else. “I’m cheaper than the rest of them, so technically you’re paying me less.” “Well you being…

Equilibrium between Comfort and Ambition 

There is a point where comfort begins to corrode ambition, so you’re to find the equilibrium between the two. Spending money on the joys of…

In Response to “Is university worth it?”

On a forum I am a regular on, a topic beaten to death was the controversy of the worthiness of an university degree. Many prospective…