Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
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Analyzing the Market

Buyouts and Decreasing Returns Towards Equilibrium

The struggle to find consistent high yield stocks, in businesses generating consistent, high yield returns (1) Most investors (or wanna-be ones) aim for a 7-10%…

Rental Property ROI Calculation

Quick Real Estate Investment Return Analysis Sample

I’m thinking of renting out my current condo (1150 sq ft, 2+1bed 2 bath, too big for my 1 person house hold) and buying a…

Return on Equity of Real Estate

For things like real estate, most dream about increasing cashflow as the mortgage is paid down, and the ultimate dream is paid off properties that…

Edmonton Real Estate Investments and Investing Philosophy

Real estate is of my particular interest due to the low initial cash barriers to entry for respectable returns, low volatility, ease of understanding, and high…