October 14, 2018 0 Comments Experience Working in Alberta's Oilfield

Why I won’t be a Salaried Employee

I would never leave to work for any major corporation as an employee or full time, long term dependent contractor. Even if the last oilfield services company doubles their salary offer to me , I still say no.

In 2016, one used to pay me $86,400 base salary to work only 6 months of the year . Usually I got $92,000+. Now if they offer me $100,000 today, I’d still say no. My construction employer as of late paid me $8,000-12,000/month. I worked there for 4 years May-November. They gave me EI slip and year round benefits even when I did not work hear round. But I got no interest there either because of the things they were doing.

When I was younger I had a dream of having a high position for a big company . But overtime I learned that was not meant for me, regardless of pay. Why? Because they can take it away from me anytime. They can make me do what makes me not happy. They own me and will mould me into what society thinks is best, not what our business relationship dictates is best. Then the shareholders (hence society) dictates our pay and our future, not us.

Society’s Expectation: Seniority over Merit; Age over Result; Image over Economic Efficiency

Comparing 2 people each in a Ferrari and a story to tell, with otherwise equal qualifications:

(A) 50 year old. Worked at say, X major publicly listed corporation for 30 years. Worked his way up. Put his time in. Asked his manager to write his lifestyle. Always had to ask for more, but His future controlled by another employee. Worked in fear to impress society, and not for what he loved. Afraid to take the risk of losing everything and looking bad to society.

(B) 30 year old. Entrepreneur and partner with other similar minded individuals – who were passionate for what they did. Favoured economic and emotional efficiency for the result; “why should we ask somebody else for a 20 years later dream, when I can make it happen ourselves and at our own merit?”

Society would normally favor (A). And that’s why I have no interest in being a lifer salaried employee.