Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
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Construction and oilfield work in Alberta

New Economy of Low Oil Prices: Dreams Crushed

Coming to Alberta’s Oilfield in just a car and packed bags in 2013, hoping to be in a Ferrari by 30. Then comes the collapse…

Consulting in oil and gas Alberta

Changing Careers – Oilfield, Financial Reporting & Consulting

I had someone introduce the topic of changing careers out of accounting and financial reporting. I found this interesting as it contrasts my experience. I’m…

Unpaid Wages Alberta

The New Normal in Alberta: Employers not Paying Workers

In Alberta lately, there has been a surge of businesses not paying their workers. TD has had a bad problem with people missing mortgage payments…

IT Consulting oilfield industrial services Alberta

From $124,000 Yearly Income at Age 25, To No Net Income

In 2018 I was 25 years old and brought home around $124,000. I worked both as an employee and a contractor in Alberta and BC:…

Alberta Provincial Court Civil Division Claim

Unpaid Wages, Harassment, Defamation: the new Dark Side of Employment & Contracting

In July 2019: I filed a Civil Claim for Wrongful Dismissal, and a second for Amount Owing for Services. This as a self-represented litigant.  I…