Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
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The Void of Occupational Pride

The general consensus was that if you were good at what you did in Alberta, you made $100-150K/year. But that was it for most. I…

Dodge RAM 2500 Conklin AB

Considering a Move Away from Alberta

I think often about moving out of Alberta, and home to BC. Most of my background has been in O&G, primarily blue-collar working in remote…

Personality in Alberta

Personality: Five-Factor Model, Myers-Briggs Indicator

I’ve always been regarded as an interesting character. I graduated from high school early. By the time I was 19, I was complete 3 years…

Signing employment contracts with non-competition, non-solicitation clause

Non-Solicitation, Non-Competition Clauses: Rarely Enforceable

Looking to protect their interests or restrict worker freedom, employers impose these, usually in the form of non-competition and non-solicitation clauses. Non-Competition Clause To prevent…

Low bed trucker in Alberta oilfield

The New Alberta Economy

The Fall and (Partial) Recovery in Oil Prices: Pessimism and Cost-Cutting Many jobs and incomes prior to the oil crash in 2015 aren’t coming back.…

Guilt comes with Ambition. Working in Alberta's Oil Patch and becoming a Business Owner.

Adverse Psychological Effects of Ambition

Sometimes I wish I am not the man I am today. I am so used to being a hustler, and just crude. This based on…

Unpaid Wages Alberta

The New Normal in Alberta: Employers not Paying Workers

In Alberta lately, there has been a surge of businesses not paying their workers. TD has had a bad problem with people missing mortgage payments…

Pay Cuts in Alberta Factory

Declining Pay Rates

People coming in willing to do more for less. Then destroying the industry, and veterans turning into other lines of businesses seeking to be compensated…

Job Interview and HR

Mannerisms in Hiring

Interviewers who place heavy emphasis on particular mannerisms in the hiring process The problem is that many HR resort to automated processes, sometimes including even…

Guilt comes with Ambition. Working in Alberta's Oil Patch and becoming a Business Owner.

Society’s Frown to Ambition

We’re expected to be like the others, not above the others. When I was younger, I’d get ridicule for wanting to become something better everyday.…