October 1, 2019 0 Comments Oilfield Industry

Declining Pay Rates

People coming in willing to do more for less. Then destroying the industry, and veterans turning into other lines of businesses seeking to be compensated adequately. Gradually you see the quality of work in an industry gradually decline.

I see it in this work site I am on. Our paid shifts are 12 hours. Takes 20 mins to drive to the shuttle bus, then 1 hour commute to work 12 hours. Repeat on way back. Even without taking the 20 mins each way commute into account, you’re still looking at a 14 hour day, while being paid for 12.

The supervision are horribly rude and disrespectful, telling people that they aren’t needed if they disagree with things that are done, or they do something that isn’t liked. Why can get away with this? Precisely because people let them.

If you value your work and the customer sees it, the customer will pay. Otherwise, you have no need to race the competition to the bottom.

For example: Does Ferrari care that there is cheaper competition out there offering way more features for the money?