Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
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Construction and oilfield work in Alberta

New Economy of Low Oil Prices: Dreams Crushed

Coming to Alberta’s Oilfield in just a car and packed bags in 2013, hoping to be in a Ferrari by 30. Then comes the collapse…

Businessman with empty wallet considering bankruptcy, consumer proposal, or debt settlement.

Eliminating Debt: Settlement, Consumer Proposal, Bankruptcy

Consolidation loans rarely work in practice. Due to bad credit and elevated debt level relative to income, most lenders are redundant to take the risk…

Rental condos, brick exterior style in Vancouver and Alberta

Tale of Risk Taking: Career Paths and Real Estate

Three Students Choosing Different Careers and Investments Buddy A: Bought a Vancouver condo for $400,000 even in 2014, with 10% down. Rented it out and…

Consulting in oil and gas Alberta

Changing Careers – Oilfield, Financial Reporting & Consulting

I had someone introduce the topic of changing careers out of accounting and financial reporting. I found this interesting as it contrasts my experience. I’m…

Packing bags to go to Alberta's Oilfield

6 Years Into Alberta From Nothing

From 17 Year Old University Student to Alberta’s Oilfield: 6 Years Later. 6 years. This is how long it has been since I just grabbed…

Becoming an Entrepreneur: Why Won't I be a Salaried Employee in Alberta

Why I won’t be a Salaried Employee

I would never leave to work for any major corporation as an employee or full time, long term dependent contractor. Even if the last oilfield…

Unhappy Alberta Workers over Pay Cuts and Layoffs

Paycuts and Oilfield Family

Coping with Alberta’s Oilfield Downturn: Paycuts, Long Hours, and a Depressed Outlook Life being home more lately with less rapid growth is taking a bit…

Office workers putting hands together. Alberta Oil Patch

From a Personal to Business Relationship

When “Business is Business” turns rivals into allies. “You can complain about her being dishonest outside the workplace, and could never trust her with anything…

Unhappy Alberta Workers over Pay Cuts and Layoffs

The Decline of the Worker’s Market

People who work more for less ruining it for everybody else. “I’m cheaper than the rest of them, so technically you’re paying me less.” “Well you being…

Tanker Truck, Class 1 Oilfield Trucking in Alberta

March 2018: Month 58 in Alberta

Working as a Semi-Vac and Tanker Truck Operator in Alberta After an abysmal February, March has brought some light and hope for 2018. The new oilfield services…