Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
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Construction and oilfield work in Alberta

New Economy of Low Oil Prices: Dreams Crushed

Coming to Alberta’s Oilfield in just a car and packed bags in 2013, hoping to be in a Ferrari by 30. Then comes the collapse…

Signing employment contracts with non-competition, non-solicitation clause

Non-Solicitation, Non-Competition Clauses: Rarely Enforceable

Looking to protect their interests or restrict worker freedom, employers impose these, usually in the form of non-competition and non-solicitation clauses. Non-Competition Clause To prevent…

Low bed trucker in Alberta oilfield

The New Alberta Economy

The Fall and (Partial) Recovery in Oil Prices: Pessimism and Cost-Cutting Many jobs and incomes prior to the oil crash in 2015 aren’t coming back.…

IT Consulting oilfield industrial services Alberta

From $124,000 Yearly Income at Age 25, To No Net Income

In 2018 I was 25 years old and brought home around $124,000. I worked both as an employee and a contractor in Alberta and BC:…

Pay Cuts in Alberta Factory

Declining Pay Rates

People coming in willing to do more for less. Then destroying the industry, and veterans turning into other lines of businesses seeking to be compensated…

Packing bags to go to Alberta's Oilfield

6 Years Into Alberta From Nothing

From 17 Year Old University Student to Alberta’s Oilfield: 6 Years Later. 6 years. This is how long it has been since I just grabbed…

Peterbuilt Semi in Mud Oilsands Alberta

Another Day in the Oilsands

Here I sit alone in my semi truck at an oilsands plant between Conklin and Fort McMurray. The cab offers relieving refuge from the scorching…

Unhappy Alberta Workers over Pay Cuts and Layoffs

The Decline of the Worker’s Market

People who work more for less ruining it for everybody else. “I’m cheaper than the rest of them, so technically you’re paying me less.” “Well you being…

Tanker Truck, Class 1 Oilfield Trucking in Alberta

March 2018: Month 58 in Alberta

Working as a Semi-Vac and Tanker Truck Operator in Alberta After an abysmal February, March has brought some light and hope for 2018. The new oilfield services…

Layoff and job loss in Alberta oilpatch

Bloody February

The public pictures I as a young, fit guy driving nice BMWs and dressing beautifully. It thinks I must pick up many beautiful women and…