May 10, 2019 0 Comments Experience Working in Alberta's Oilfield

6 Years Into Alberta From Nothing

From 17 Year Old University Student to Alberta’s Oilfield: 6 Years Later.

6 years. This is how long it has been since I just grabbed my clothes into my car, and made my drive to Fort McMurray – from the western coast of BC. This journey began with landscaping, picking up trash in the town parks, and cutting the grass. Then it progressed to being an oilsands laborer, and then after finding out the “easy, fast money of labour” of the Alberta oilfield was just a Pipe Dream.

I went to the rigs, to oilfield trucking, to road construction, to the opening my own contracting business, to financial, IT, and business development consulting, and to the meeting my partner to open a digital marketing business, and to working with him on his industrial services one.

I’ve been through 5 new vehicles – 1 pickup, 3 sports cars, and 1 luxury SUV. I’ve bought two homes. I opened two businesses, hiring our own workers. I’ve fought bitterly with lawyers, my own blood, sweat, and tears, and staring into the eyes of some of my worst enemies – ready to crush them with my own hands, or be crushed. Back in BC, especially in my youth years, many would had rejoiced to watch me perish. My relative proportion of enemies faced, had much been diminished since my venture to Alberta. But I still fight those not paying for my work. I still am fighting constantly those trying to replace me with somebody cheaper, or somebody they know. I still fight those constantly trying to milk more money out of me; trying to compensate less money towards me. Those showing resistance towards me in the bargaining process, quickly aggravates me towards the defensive. Those seemingly reading to challenge me, quickly aggravate me towards the offensive.

Sometimes I close my eyes and have regrets of my aggression. I sorrow about being so aggressive to achieve my goals, going after other parties to collect arrears, and being brutally aggressive in bargaining. I feel guilty for often having distrust in those I do business with. The cut-throat stare of my eyes even saddens myself on some days.

I’ve made new friends and allies, and fought alongside them. Together despite coming from dramatically different backgrounds, we’ve been fighting for each other, for our collective dreams. I helped many find work, feed themselves and their families, fight for their wages, escape homelessness, and with their legal battles. When looking at these experiences, then sometimes I do not feel so bad. If it still were with my old pseudo-passive self with less to fight with, I would not have fought alongside them so strongly.