May 10, 2019 0 Comments Experience Working in Alberta's Oilfield

Mid 2019 Update: 6 Years into Alberta’s Oilfield

It’s been 6 years since I left university in BC: packing my bags, and driving straight to Fort McMurray, Alberta. Then I ended up in Drayton Valley, Leduc, and finally Edmonton.

I worked the oilsands as a labourer. Then I worked the service rigs. Then I went into trucking. Then I worked in road construction on and off for the next 5 years. Then I opened a contracting company, and a digital marketing company.

For years I tried to follow the traditional way of life: saving your money, putting it away, and working the high paying jobs. After 6 years, I still find it does not work; risk takers are rewarded (or burned), not savers or the risk adverse (fearing)… your loved ones and working people who share your pains to together have the gains, become your greatest allies. Government, bankers, traditional ideology, and the system become your greatest enemy.

Business aside, for the short to mid-term, I have been thinking of getting a tune on the ’19 Mercedes C63S AMG and BMW SUV. The tunes should push the Benz to about 600HP and 630 ft-lbs of torque; 500HP and 560 ft-lbs on the SUV. Most realistically that’s what I’ll be doing until I can afford a Porsche 911 S or GTS anyway.

Then I’m to finish my sleeve tattoos, get stupid ripped & cut for the summer beach season, regain my strength (max lifts🏋️‍♀️), and secure, be moved into, and settled into my new home once it’s completed construction.