January 5, 2020 0 Comments Thoughts and Feelings Working in Alberta

Adverse Psychological Effects of Ambition

Sometimes I wish I am not the man I am today. I am so used to being a hustler, and just crude. This based on the way I’ve been treated over the years.

It’s helped me get to where I am, but also being a man having little to no patience, it’s isolated me. Being taught to become something better everyday, and that there is no excuse for failure or imperfection, I’ve sought to become more powerful after every battle. When I fail or err, it eats me inside for a long time. The guilt burns me inside. I’ve learned to embrace pain – not for what it is itself, but its result. I’ve always waken up every morning with a goal, and that goal is above all. Nevertheless, on days like these, I slow down and think: many people would still be in my life today if this were not the case.