Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
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Man standing in the back of new pickup truck

The Void of Occupational Pride

The general consensus was that if you were good at what you did in Alberta, you made $100-150K/year. But that was it for most. I…

Dodge RAM 2500 Conklin AB

Considering a Move Away from Alberta

I think often about moving out of Alberta, and home to BC. Most of my background has been in O&G, primarily blue-collar working in remote…

edmonton condos looking up

Horrors of Condo Ownership in Alberta

We were charged over $1,700 because of a small toilet leak that caused some common areas to need drying out. Three contractors were called out,…

Industrial real estate warehouse vacant

The Truth Behind High Commercial Vacancy Rates

Commercial landlords have kept their rates sky high despite the downturn. Many bluntly say they’ll gladly let their spaces sit empty for months to years…

Home office tax deduction

Home Office Tax Deduction

Own a business, or intend to do so? Write off part of the costs of your home. Eligibility for claiming Home Office Expenses The expenses…

Home Office Tax Writeoffs

Working from Home? Write it Off.

Working from home because of COVID-19? Using part of your home for odd jobs or something related to working? Save on your tax bill by…

Personality in Alberta

Personality: Five-Factor Model, Myers-Briggs Indicator

I’ve always been regarded as an interesting character. I graduated from high school early. By the time I was 19, I was complete 3 years…

Construction and oilfield work in Alberta

New Economy of Low Oil Prices: Dreams Crushed

Coming to Alberta‚Äôs Oilfield in just a car and packed bags in 2013, hoping to be in a Ferrari by 30. Then comes the collapse…

Signing employment contracts with non-competition, non-solicitation clause

Non-Solicitation, Non-Competition Clauses: Rarely Enforceable

Looking to protect their interests or restrict worker freedom, employers impose these, usually in the form of non-competition and non-solicitation clauses. Non-Competition Clause To prevent…

Businessman with empty wallet considering bankruptcy, consumer proposal, or debt settlement.

Eliminating Debt: Settlement, Consumer Proposal, Bankruptcy

Consolidation loans rarely work in practice. Due to bad credit and elevated debt level relative to income, most lenders are redundant to take the risk…