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Horrors of Condo Ownership in Alberta

We were charged over $1,700 because of a small toilet leak that caused some common areas to need drying out. Three contractors were called out, where one tried to enter the wrong unit, and another did not even show up. While insurance covered (most) of it, this is just an example of what happens under the management of a third-party property management company, hired by the condominium board to do their work on a regular, ongoing basis.

Our building (about 6 years old at the time) was hit by a Special Assessment of $300,000 (where my unit was levied $11,000). In less than 3 years, a second Special Assessment of $300,000 was considered because only 40% of the work was completed and there was not enough money left.

Given the current economy, many people have lost their jobs. Despite this, the property management company has been placing caveats against owners’ units for money that does not exist – while adding grief and costs to both Condo Board and owners.

Our property values have plummeted in our building. A recently sold unit of approx. $249,000 was purchased for $328,000 in 2017; mine for the same in 2016.

Lastly, despite multiple requests, my unit buzzer still has not been assigned to the correct phone number after several months.