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Brief June Motivation

There’s 2 types of people I have no interest in associating with.

(1) People who think you aren’t good enough for them, as my life doesn’t revolve around making you happy. I aim to be better than what you’d like to see, not to be what you like to see.
(2) People who constantly bitch about the economy and how the world is ending. Bitching is cool if you actually do something about it, but not so much when you don’t, as bitching alone won’t change it. You see shit, I see opportunity.

Successful people do not seek the approval of others, nor spend their spare time seeking their own approval of others. They don’t ask why they can’t do better; they ask how they can do better.

For the financial side of things:

Net Worth w/ debt > no Net Worth w/ no debt. Means if things shit the bed and you pull out, you still have something. Cash overtime rots like that old sandwich you left in your bag; it loses value as more is printed and everything gets more expensive.