Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
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Signing employment contracts with non-competition, non-solicitation clause

Non-Solicitation, Non-Competition Clauses: Rarely Enforceable

Looking to protect their interests or restrict worker freedom, employers impose these, usually in the form of non-competition and non-solicitation clauses. Non-Competition Clause To prevent…

Employer from Hell Alberta

Employer from Hell: Unpaid Workers, CRA Audit, Lawsuits

My life took a dark turn when I was involved with doing business with the Employer from Hell. I was owed a large sum of…

Alberta Provincial Court Civil Division Claim

Unpaid Wages, Harassment, Defamation: the new Dark Side of Employment & Contracting

In July 2019: I filed a Civil Claim for Wrongful Dismissal, and a second for Amount Owing for Services. This as a self-represented litigant.  I…