May 21, 2017 0 Comments Thoughts and Feelings Working in Alberta

The True Cost of Failed Love

“I’m not even afraid of her taking half. The problem is if she likes to waste time or not let me work, I won’t even have any money for her to take.”

Most men nowadays are afraid of the woman taking half when she goes. However, that is not the greatest cost of failed love- whether common-law or marriage. It is the reduction of one’s earning power because of the spouse’s conflicting financial interests, risk appetite, and investor psychology. That is, you won’t even have much for her to take in the first place.

Many women want you to be home every night and have plenty of time for her. But it takes a busy man to make a worthwhile man. You will work many long hours, and even away from home sometimes. Then she will get lonely and start looking for another man (an extremely common problem in the trades and oilfield). The average man falls victim to her demands for emotional satisfaction (for which the lack of is usually the incentive to cheat) and hence loses economic opportunities (e.g. jobs, business trips) that otherwise would have been available. Or you want to go to school and put time into that to increase your earning power, but she forbids you to. Or worse, you may even have to choose between her or your job/career.

Risk appetite and investor psychology differ person to person. The average investor is fearful and risk averse- uncomfortable with volatility, easily brainwashed by media (which is never in the public’s best interest, from a financial perspective), and afraid to take risks. If the woman does not agree with your investment ideas or forces you to sell an asset upon a brief paper loss, then that’s money you could otherwise still have in your pocket. If the woman actually believes those silly articles by Moody’s, Goldman Sachs, or whoever it is about some x asset being downgraded with a gloomier outlook, then you cannot take that opportunity of public fear to acquire an asset(s) at a lower price(s), resulting in less potential profit.

Lastly, many women just want to fuck and have your kids. That has two implications:  their financial cost, and the opportunity cost of lost income because of the time and energy catered to that.