June 11, 2018 0 Comments Motivation

What if I have no experience?

Getting jobs with no experience

In regards to jobs requiring experience: ALWAYS apply/contact companies REGARDLESS of whether they require experience or not. Many take inexperienced hands all the time.

In reality labour work or other entry-level positions are very brainless and require minimal training. Even operating a piece of equipment or pulling cable does not require rocket science. Regardless of field, job postings say they want experience to get more attractive candidates. It is the same for accountants, junior managers, etc. But if it means a difference between the company losing potential profit, the company will take a risk on trying someone new.

Also, if you sit at home, your body makes both you and this potential employer $0.

Employment = Just Business.

How labour works for blue-collar is usually it is billed out to the prime contractor (usually an oil, or some other industrial company) on a piece-rate basis. So if you are paid $300 for a day’s work, your employer charges the client suppose, $400. It is earning this spread on dozens, hundreds, of not, thousands of bodies.

Same goes for something like accountants – paying you $60,000/year, the firm’s rationale is that one of them will produce profit/savings exceeding $60,000. That is your employer’s goal – the spread between what it gets and what it pays you. If you are a good worker and the employer’s client is happy, then the client produces more business for the company – which in turn leads to more money in your employer and your own pocket. Employment is just a business, not a favour.