June 6, 2018 0 Comments Thoughts and Feelings Working in Alberta

Good and Bad in a Person

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You don’t hate them, you just hate the things they do.

There is always something you can’t stand in somebody. Some people have more things to hate than others. However, it doesn’t mean you hate her/him. You just hate the things she/he does. It doesn’t necessarily mean she/he is automatically a bad person. It just means she/he does shit you don’t agree with.

Last summer I was hauling crude oil and produced water for a pipeline facility just outside Edmonton. One oilfield services business owner I worked with there provided me some very noteworthy words:

You’re always going to run into people you cannot stand at times, and find something you hate about anyone. The key is to make use of the good to bring you closer together to accomplish the common goal. The result is what you’re after. And it takes a special somebody to work with, or even be with, those people you sometimes cannot stand.