December 3, 2016 0 Comments Experience Working in Alberta's Oilfield

A Day in Road Construction

4:30AM: Wake up, pack food for the day. Get dressed.

5AM: Drive to truck shop at work.

5:30AM: Pre-trip semi- especially checking for all heavy equipment for being property chained and secured, and the semi itself for proper oil and fluid levels, and no leaks. Then, fill water tank with fresh water. Fill out trucking paperwork (logbook, pre-trip book).

6AM – 7AM: Drive to location of work for the day, then do pre-job meeting(s). Unload heavy equipment from trailer, then fill machines that require water, with fresh water from tank of water. Determine work to be done, then help road crew, usually running skid steer or another machine. Load equipment, check trailer and semi carefully for proper load securement, no funny leaks, and that the other workers didn’t leave random bits and pieces laying among the equipment or trailer so that nothing goes flying off the trailer on the road. Then drive to next work location as required throughout the day, and repeat all of the above.

7-8:30PM (depending on day): Finish day of work, then drive semi to fuel station to fuel semi and heavy equipment. Log mileage and fuel amounts on fuel receipts, then drive semi back to shop. If there is time left, head to gym after work. Sometimes, I will go home early for sleep, then wake up 2 hours earlier next morning and go to gym then. If not, head straight home, shower, then sleep. The goal is to sleep around 6 hours.