December 3, 2016 0 Comments Experience Working in Alberta's Oilfield

December 2016: Cyclicality

Life in Alberta has always been of a cyclical nature, from work to personal life. One moment I was being offered jobs left and right, dating pretty women, seeing myself in a Porsche 911 and multiple condos. The next I was checking my bank cash balance everyday, wondering if all was over and time to pack my bags, admit defeat, and return to BC- going back to having nothing, to perish in the competitive economic wasteland and retirement playground for the rich.

Saudi Arabia’s plot to endure low oil prices and hence low revenue with its savings is like my personal plot to endure school and low revenue, with personal savings. It has been almost a month now that I have been not working at all, and focusing on school completely. Going from $300-518/day income to only EI cheques has put me on a race against time to complete studies as fast as possible, as well as cut expenditures significantly to reduce negative cashflow. Somehow last month I managed to somehow cut my monthly expenses to about $4,000 from the 5000s- despite spending an abnormally large amount on food. Life in school feels like living on a hourglass, with the draining grains being the fruits of my labour, leaking ever so gradually away.

My decision this spring to purchase a home only stiffened financial pressure significantly, as effectively now it costs $1,000 more/month to break even. Arguably most people say leave real estate to school being complete, but in this present day economy, no path of education guarantees any worthwhile future. Some of my colleagues back at UBC are taking second, some third diplomas/degrees just to get a job. My daring moves to plant tens of thousands of dollars into undervalued company shares and real estate is meant to be a last resort and backup, to ensure that in case all my other educational and work plans fail, at least I will have appreciative assets. It is also much easier to achieve rapid financial and personal growth when one is young and single, and still in the fighting spirit. Most women just want to spend your time, money, and have kids with you- not join your journey to a Ferrari or some other form of personal and financial development.

Second Year Electrician proved to be much more tougher than anticipated, as the course material is heavier in volume and rigour. Originally I anticipated early November completion; this later changed to last week of November; now a week or two before Christmas.

Physically and mentally I have been also suffering from fatigue, depression from isolation, personal life drama and bad women, hindering progress. As typical of Alberta, many women are used to the abundance of men here and one moment she can be gazing into your eyes followed by kissing your lips softly, then another looking to stab your back and run off with your wasted time and paid dinners. Most present day people have no regard for time and will happily blow it all away to eternity. Sometimes at the back of my head I want to leave the oilfield permanently so I can have a woman and a larger social circle, but I remind myself that such things only result in net economic and emotional drain.