November 26, 2016 0 Comments Thoughts and Feelings Working in Alberta

Alberta Dating Woes

Alberta is known to be a trades province, and holding an abundance of men, many who make good money, but see nothing much beyond that other than finding a woman and settling down. Many (though not all, mind you) women often are used to constant and persistent pursuit, and grow inflated egos and crave the affection of attention of lonely men, as some of them would do anything just for a woman.

Compared to other places, the women have the luxury of having their nit-pick at the men, in search for the perfect (though non-existent) lover(s). Don’t like the feeling they get when they hold your hand? Don’t want to talk to her for weeks just to gain her approval for a date or kiss? Don’t like that you don’t chase them hard enough compared to all the other men? Don’t make $200K+/year and don’t want to get her pregnant and start having kids?  Don’t like some other personality trait? You will be replaced.

On the contrary, even if you were doing well for yourself, a good-looking, charming and caring man, but don’t share the exact same view of life as her? Don’t obsess enough and give her enough of your time? Aren’t low enough in life to her level so she feels comfortable to have someone just good enough as her, but not any better? For instance, she may be just living in mom’s basement, and you a career man. You take care of yourself a lot and aim to become better everyday, but she’s the type to just want to be satisfied?  You will still be replaced.

That is why word on the street is a man who chases women, especially here, never makes money, or is happy for that matter. Career-focused and ambitious men are reminded to never take women too seriously, and primarily focus on themselves, as a woman with a good heart will respect such a man, and find him. Men are advised to date only strong and independent women who take care of themselves, have a strong direction in their lives, respect each other, and don’t spend their spare time looking for lonely men.