Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
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Unhappy Alberta Workers over Pay Cuts and Layoffs

Paycuts and Oilfield Family

Coping with Alberta’s Oilfield Downturn: Paycuts, Long Hours, and a Depressed Outlook Life being home more lately with less rapid growth is taking a bit…

Breakup Relationships Profit for Banks

The Profit in Irrational Love

A good childhood friend of mine didn’t move in together with his Miss until almost 5 years later. They wanted to ensure their relationship and…

Alberta Dating Woes

Alberta is known to be a trades province, and holding an abundance of men, many who make good money, but see nothing much beyond that…

Confessions of Oilfield Heartbreak

“You’re away too much” “You work too much” “You never have time for me” “You’re too much for me” Such are common ends to a…