April 5, 2017 0 Comments Experience Working in Alberta's Oilfield

April Blues

Cannot stand this loneliness. Not sure what to do to distract myself lately.

(1) My gym progression has maxed; body can’t grow stronger or better looking anymore in the short-term as I gave it all it can take. My diet needs time to take its course.
(2) Work is slower at this time of the year. Would do more stock research but won’t have money to do anything worth a shit, for months…
(3) Can’t leave for BC as I do not know when I will work next, and just bought this condo I must fund.
(4) Good time to do some courses, but can’t because of #3.
(5) In the past, as a past time, just drank or eat. But it contaminates my diet, and #3 stands.
(6) I don’t (actively) date as 9/10 of phone numbers ending up on my phone get deleted because they like to waste time…

Will sit with thumb up my ass in the next little while daydreaming…