April 4, 2017 0 Comments Thoughts and Feelings Working in Alberta

Employee and Norm-focused Societal Brainwashing

The most difficult battle in life is often not finding a job, becoming fit, buying a home, getting through school, finding love, and the other socially-desirable objectives expected of us. Rather, it is the resistance against normal society’s expectations’ brainwashing.

The education system and societal career mentality emphasizes the expectation to become a desirable employee. We are taught to discover what we like doing, or have to do to feed ourselves- as a job- not as a business owner, and/or an investor:

Do a job you like.

So, what do you want to be when you grow up?

If you have certain x and y credentials and experience, you will always find a job. You will become very employable.

Going to school helps you get a better job.

If you go to school for x credential, these are the kind of jobs you can get, and their respective average/median incomes and employment rates.

Networking is very important, because who you know helps you find jobs.

Make a good resume. Most HR staff will only read the beginning part, and decide whether they will give you a chance at a job.

Go get a job in x field, because it is stable, especially if it’s for the government. It’s difficult to get fired, because they always need employees. So you will always have a job. If you’re with the government, when you retire you can get a pension. Just stay working for them long enough to get that pension.

Don’t touch stocks or real estate. Just get a stable job so you can have a stable income to feed your family. Be good to your employer so you always have a job.

If you don’t like a job, find a better job.

Just be grateful you have a job. The price of oil is low so there are many people looking for jobs. Don’t give your boss a reason to get rid of you, as then you won’t find another job and you will lose everything.

Society likes to brainwash us to become employees because it makes the corporations more money, and the people who remain in power continue to do so. Society does not like exception, and likes everyone to live normal lives, and be on a somewhat even playing field. It does not like people trying to better themselves so that they will eventually be superior to others, and make others look bad. The government also collects taxes from our wages with few write-offs in comparison to self-employment. Educational institutions profit more from their programs because of the continuous, increasing flow of students taking them to get certain jobs. When other employees are brainwashed, they want you to be as well- so you don’t get ahead of them and make them feel bad. If you want to take the risk to become a successful business owner and shareholder, you are perceived to be an evil to society profiting off hard-working employees.

The lifeline of the average person also is pushed to follow the norm, because that’s what everybody else does:

You are young. Other young people are just having fun. So, you should too.

Young women in their spare time just want to daydream about how many young, directionless men they can get to chase them. So if you’re a young woman you should do that too. It’s normal.

People should just be happy with their bodies instead of improving them. Other people are happy with their bodies, so you should be too. If you constantly want to make yourself look better [for self development], you must be insecure. Because, other people don’t.

Why do you want to get ahead? You are still young. You have time. Other young people are doing x and y with their life, so you should too.

Everyone else is dating now. So why aren’t you?

Most people eventually just want to fuck and have kids. Well you’re nearing that age where everyone else wants it. So why don’t you too? It just happens. No one is ever ready. So why should you be ready first?

Other people are going to school and then getting a job. So why aren’t you?

Instead of pushing what you want to do with your life, regular society pushes what everyone else is doing. Few ever break from this norm, because most people look for social acceptance to socialize and feel a sense of belonging to a part of something.

It’s easier to find an excuse for something than to overcome it.

It’s easier to just find some x job you can stand and call it a day, versus plan a successful business and/or investment portfolio with the risk you might lose everything. However, your higher ups can get rid of you whenever they want anyhow, and then your finances and life will crumble upon two of their words.

It’s easier to just go to school for whatever program and see what happens (until you have to pay it off), because you don’t have to plan much. Or, because you are spoiled and your parents are paying for it, which also buys you time to waste your life away.

It’s easier to have no direction in your life and just do what everybody else does. You have more friends, more people talk to you, and you get to be lazy and have an excuse. Also, lazy people don’t hate you.

It’s easier to spend your spare time sitting at home in front of TV with a bag of chips instead of pursuing a healthy diet and active lifestyle, for obvious reasons. Also, unfit and not good looking people don’t hate you.

It’s easier to just desire a life of chasing young dumb girls (or for women, finding as many lonely men as possible with no direction in their lives to chase them around) and wanting to fuck and have kids, because you are less lonely, and you get laid (sometimes). If you don’t waste your valuable time with women and wish to be more direct, then you must be a “Fuckboy” or a guy who just wants sex.

In summary, we’re brainwashed to do what everyone does, because it’s just easier. And if you want to be different and superior, people hate you for doing so, and life gets lonely.