August 11, 2016 0 Comments Experience Working in Alberta's Oilfield, Thoughts and Feelings Working in Alberta

Brief Flashback to Homelessness

I used to be homeless (came to Alberta in an old car with my clothes and some shampoo and soap) when I was 19… Stayed in the salvation army center. Found a job at a piece of shit landscaping company in 3 days. Then stayed in a greenhouse there to sleep, until I collected enough wages above food expenses to afford room rent. Used the local leisure centre shower meanwhile. Ate canned food for a bit. Then finally found a better paying job roughnecking on the Rigs. Packed my bags and moved to Drayton Valley for it. Then the driller knew our field supervisor well and he crashed his pickup in the ditch one day. I brushed his pickup against a snow curb. Got the field sup. to sucker me in taking money off my pay to pay his insurance deductible to perfect his pickup again.

I quit, packed my stuff, and drove to Edmonton. Found a piece of shit construction job in a few days. Spent a bit of time there. Lead hand was bankrupt and probably hated me for having a new truck and bmw convertible I purchased from my oil money, and the field sup. There too was a power tripper. Then one operator on that site was a crackhead and we hated each other quick. They got me ran off thinking they could make me lose everything. Got my class 1 shortly after (I started working on it as soon as I arrived in Edmonton). Then found and started an electrician apprencticeship. Then ran a hydrovac and straight vacs for a while. Another cock sucker tried to get me run off when work was slow and there was 1 truck between us. I long left to big eagle by then to haul for them.

Big eagle then went under after that spring break up; but already left to running trucks for construction after. A bit after I somehow found myself in the oilsands; been here ever since.

After first arriving in Alberta in the Salvation Army shelter, fast forward 3 years and 3 months I’ve went to school more, gained 20+ lb of muscle, started an apprenticeship, got a Class 1, bought a property, went through a newer truck, convertible, and going for a Porsche shortly… Then from today on, we shall see.