April 18, 2017 0 Comments Experience Working in Alberta's Oilfield

Condo #2 At Age 23

Today as a 23 year old, I put down my payment and signed for my second condo. This is to be consistent with my ongoing objective of late of 2 properties, the Porsche, and an education by the age of 23.

It is a pre-construction unit, so I got a better price compared to buying a similar resale unit. Based on my calculations of cost per sq ft. of similar property in the area, this transaction profits around $25000-30000 (8-10% savings). It is the compensation for taking the risk of locking my money with the builder until next winter, the project going wrong, or not getting a feel and look of the actual unit. I also have opted for this path because aside from the passive income, it also buys me valuable time to shore up my finances until move-in and the renting out of my current home.

It definitely felt very strange holding onto that 5-digit bank draft. To think the past 11 months of grief and hell was just to get that piece of paper into my hand:

  • ,

    dealing with idiots, sick-minded people, and otherwise terrible people

  • dealing with time-wasting, lying, and disloyal Albertan women constantly thirsting for other men, wasting my time planning dates and cancelling them, talking to me with other men in the picture, getting rid of me because of me working too much, to replace with a lonely desperate man with no direction in his life, etc.

  • fighting financial inconsistencies in pay and predicting and managing monthly cash flows

  • engineering and hence maximizing the tax return on my own accord

  • going through multiple job offers trying to predict the one with the highest intermediate-term return

  • struggling with Electrician schooling, which turned out to be much more difficult than anticipated, resulting in greater financial losses than initially anticipated

  • dealing with vehicle breakdowns, popped tires, etc.

  • dealing with disorganized companies and co-workers

  • learning and understanding the mortgage process involving rental properties

  • dealing with past friends/good acquaintances who eventually turned against me

  • resisting family and other social pressures to "give in" to the battle to a Ferrari at a young age and downgrade myself to a normal life of debt for a university degree to make $40000/year working a job that involves wearing a suit and tie just to make others happy. In short, resisting external pressures to "be just like everyone else".

  • gathering the strength to still maintain my fitness and daily workout routines; reverse strength losses due to extended working periods

The Porsche is questionable at this point, due to Spring Breakup (work seasonal slowdown) hitting me financially harder than anticipated, and a poor past winter oilfield earning season. I am also “on the back burner” for the mortgage process for this pre-construction unit, having purchased my last property only 11 months ago, the average 2 year income being adversely affected by my past lower income periods, and general credit file on a weak spot. Credit utilization and spending of cash would put possession at risk. Nevertheless I will try my best. At the time of writing, a little more than 3 weeks remain before I turn 24. This poor oilfield season and Spring may have sealed my fate and left me almost no time left, but a Ferrari, even if more distant, is more rewarding.