April 19, 2017 0 Comments Other Categories

April Motivation 

Even I surprise myself with what I end up doing. I spend a lot of time bitter, but to this day my saving graces are: 
– prioritizing my future over women. 

– not afraid of taking risks or trying new things. 

Perhaps everyone who stood against me may be right. Perhaps I may bankrupt myself. Perhaps I may spend the rest of my life alone. Perhaps my competition back in university or dating replacements that went off getting “normal” jobs and lives will eventually surpass me on the social ladder. But who knows. I can say “perhaps” as many times as I want. But in the end doubt has no benefit to myself- only a competitor.

A pretty woman on the street giving me a dirty look for just smiling at her, or an Asian person frowning to me for not wearing a suit and tie, are already enough reasons alone to give me one more push forward, for they are only competition to be crushed (symbolically) on the social ladder.