May 9, 2017 1 Comment Thoughts and Feelings Working in Alberta

Differing Mentalities of Life

Often at some point we’re posed with the question: “what is life about?” Problem is, there are so many different philosophies of life.

For instance,

– A typical mentor or guidance counsellor in Hippie province of BC would tell you to make a career out of smoking weed in mom’s basement, work at Starbucks, paint pictures if that’s what you’re into. They live in a dream Lala land where you can chase your passions and somehow everything will pan out. Hate the hardworking people with money. Nothing should be about money. Unfortunately, life does not work that way.

– A foreign background mentor would tell you to get a degree at all costs and as long as you have that piece of paper, somehow everything will pan out. Education is a religion- if one credential fails, get another. Borrow money if necessary.

– Then you have those people who will praise government jobs and make it your goal to work for the Feds forever so you can just get a pension, and tell you to take almost 0 risk and put all your spare money in savings or paying down your mortgage of 2.x%. Aim for 0 debt, 0 risk.

– Just work your job, and religiously stick to real estate or other tangible investments you can touch. This is a common one in BC, Toronto.

– Travel the world, be broke, save enough to do it all over again, and repeat. Enjoy every last penny before you die.

– Forget Canada, it is a stick and stones economy. Go get the most prestigious education possible, and then look to Asia or the US to grow. (especially true for the financial sector)

– Get pregnant, or get someone else pregnant, and keep having kids. Before that, make a career out of chasing dumb girls, or lining up as many lonely men as possible for attention. Eat a bag of chips in front of the TV with your spare time. There is government and child support money there. Otherwise, money doesn’t matter- so don’t bother getting a career first. Everything will pan out.

– To take risks and try new things, and to better yourself everyday. Have something you’re good at? Make a business out of it, and if you fail, keep trying. Or, to keep looking for something better to grow. Riskier investments that normal people do not dare to try or hold, over less risky fixed income sources. They’ll tell you to try things people are normally afraid of doing. They’ll tell you life is unfair and hard, that you will fail many times before becoming successful, and how things are, nevertheless what you can do to make the best out of every situation. These are the more positive people to have in your life, but understandably the route of aggressive risk is not for everyone.

There is usually no strict “one size fits all” approach.