May 1, 2017 0 Comments Experience Working in Alberta's Oilfield, Thoughts and Feelings Working in Alberta

Tears of the Oilfield/Trades 

Much of my time is spent alone, and it is not the rigours of oilfield and road construction work that gets me down, but the emotional aspect- the loneliness. I’d imagine that is what destroys the typical worker’s future in this field as he falls into the world of escorts, broken marriages/relationships and child support and alimony payments, drugs, and gambling.

People come and go. You see and get to know many new faces at work, but never see them again shortly after. Usually they fall to the demise of the oilfield relatively quick- whether being unable to keep up with the rigours of the work, and/or the emotional suffering. Many who do last, spend much of the time in misery so you don’t want to be near them.

When you meet a woman, her touch and yours make you wonder if those will be the last. Most women I’ve dated throughout my time in Alberta- and even that in BC while I was studying 60+ hours a week outside classes- have only stayed in my life for a relatively short while, only to never hear from ever again. I still have a distant yet vivid memory of coming back from camp one winter, only to find my number blocked and never heard of or seen that ex again. Most women I’ve ever dated left for other men with little direction in their lives or ambition. It’s easier to be with someone like that, as he is an easier source of emotional and physical satisfaction. It takes time and strength to build character, but the average woman prioritizes the man to satisfy her thirsts, and to waste his time and blow it away into oblivion. Then, many of the ones who do not mind a busy man, are just looking for money and to get knocked up, and do not mind. The few remaining are the strong, independent, career women- the more desirable ones for the working man not just looking for a woman to spoil.

I am not the only one with the above dating sorrows. In fact, the urban legend in the oilfield and trades is the breeder:

The technical term is female entrapment. Women call it “financial security“, or “trap the man into a relationship“. Men call it “Oh Shit My Life is Fucked“.

Many women look for desperate, lonely men in our field to first get money and emotional satisfaction from, then force us to have children with them. This is 2-fold: it guilt traps the man into staying with the woman, and financially ties him with her, as if he opts to leave, or if she complains that he has no time for her, she can leave and take him for child support and/or alimony payments.

I’ve spent much of my time and energy on personal development:

(1) to strengthen and pretty up the body as much as possible.

(2) build my portfolio of assets, especially through the acquisition of such at below market prices, in a down market where the average public’s fear is a cheap source of money and forms a buyer’s market.

(3) increase my earning power through gaining more experience and human capital such as relevant education.

(4) lately, building my own business, in realization that I won’t make money working for someone else.

Loneliness, though painful, has hence been a necessity bloodshed to endure. Even at my current pace of gaining 1 new piece of real estate/year and regular additions to undervalued, lower market capitalization stocks, along with increasing education every year, this would be barely sufficient to get into a Ferrari by 30. Even trucking in the oilfield, where people nowadays are happy to make around $100,000/year- is proving to be insufficient to fund this venture.

A brief self-competitive analysis suggests that I am at least on track, however:

Age: 23 (at time of writing)

Education: 3.5 Years of a Bachelor’s Degree- Math and Economics major, with backgrounds in computer science and commerce. 4th year standing since age 19. 2 Years of Electrician Apprenticeship Academic Portion. Most oilfield tickets. Clean Class 1 Trucking License.

Experience: 3.5 Years of trucking and heavy equipment operating, combined oilfield and road construction. 0.5 years of service rigs.

Income: $94,200 as of 2016.

Assets: 2 condos of approx. $628,000 – $668,000 market value (before debts), 2008 BMW 335i Cabriolet Special Edition, and other odd bits and pieces.

It is only unfortunate that I started this entire journey about 4 years ago when I came to this province alone in my car, with all my belongings in the back- only to find myself initially in an employer greenhouse, and then homeless shelter in Fort McMurray. Then my fortunes improved, but again became sour amid the oil crash in 2015. Few worthwhile economic opportunities remain to increase my earning power. Even the trades are becoming saturated, especially the electrical one. Nevertheless, I still have 7 years remaining before I am 30- the age where I suspect my body will begin aging and hence not be able to increase my earning power at my current growth rate.