February 27, 2018 0 Comments Thoughts and Feelings Working in Alberta

Four Common Declines of Sympathy

When first impressions are all you get

(1) I’ve had a woman complain to me just because I put a smiley face instead of a period at the end of my phrase. Needless to say, I immediately deleted her off my phone. They say first impressions don’t matter, but sometimes that’s all you’re going to get; that’s a hint of a common breed of woman that considers your opportunity to talk to her a privilege. Negative people add no net benefit to your life.

People who waste time

(2) Another very common breed of failed people: the ones who don’t show up, and/or make a career out of delightful conversation, then completely don’t answer anymore if you do not speak to her/him for one day. These types are also very quickly removed from my phone. Why associate with someone who lacks basic punctuality, and hence lacks basic respect for time and commitment? Coincidently enough, these people are usually the same types who lack career/life progress due to a lack of time sensitivity, and respect for others… what respectable employer wants to give a good job to someone who can’t even show up at a certain time?

Believing it when it happens

(3) Whether it’s work, dating, business, or just something you say you’ll do, I’ll believe it when it actually happens.

When others help you, but you don’t take it

(4) When you’re offered something you’re looking for – such as guidance or a job(s) – and you’re not taking it for granted – then it’s your problem, not someone else’s.