February 19, 2018 0 Comments Motivation

Pursuit of Meeting others’ Expectations

How can I be a better candidate? How can I be better for you? 

Such are questions so often questioned in both the career and dating worlds. Many job-seekers and career climbers try so hard to make the perfect resumes, perfect cover letters, and line up the perfect list of credentials just to land that one golden opportunity. Many even will shake your hand and be your friend just for a mere chance to shake the hand of your boss – so one day, he/she just might get just a chance – to work for your big-name, prestigious corporation. Many try so hard to mold themselves perfectly into the corporate family for years and years – again for just that chance at that one golden opportunity.

Many men try so hard to please women, in hopes of finding the one. Many women try so hard to please men – and even spend tens of thousands of dollars in personal beautification in doing so. They just want that chance.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes over the years: the countless hours one would spend in front of the mirror to perfect their image for someone else. Some would talk to themselves for hours even just to perfect their speech patterns and the way the words come out. Some would present a false sense of pleasure at social gatherings just to “fit in” with people they actually are not happy to be around.

I used to be like that myself – then one day I could take it no more. In the gym, in my everyday ventures, and in my work searches – my attitude is the same. In a perfect world, I am to exceed the other party, not be like what they are looking for. If a woman looks away upon my gaze, I will never look at her again, unless there is business to be made. Now onto the next one. If a hiring manager overlooks me, I never look at him/her again – unless again later, there is business to be made. Now onto the next one. The quote “there are many fish in the sea” holds some truth… why settle for a particular one? Why cause myself so much grief for just one?

If you want me, then you’ll contact me at some point. If you think someone else is better than me, I don’t want you in my life anyway. After my lifelong venture of blood, sweat, and tears, how dare you deem me not good enough for you. Endlessly I will fight to be a member of the superior race – part of the survival of the fittest. Once I’m there, then you’re only a fading thought at the back of my head. I live to make myself happy, not anyone else – for I only live once, and aim to:

become something better everyday. 

make the best out of every day.

I will ensure that I exceed you, and anyone else you deem superior to I. 

You and I are more than we think. Anyone who thinks we are otherwise, are of no use to us. Be confident, bold, and fearless.