Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
Journey to Alberta's Oilfield
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Becoming an Entrepreneur: Why Won't I be a Salaried Employee in Alberta

Why I won’t be a Salaried Employee

I would never leave to work for any major corporation as an employee or full time, long term dependent contractor. Even if the last oilfield…

Society's Expectations of Seniority over Merit

Pursuit of Meeting others’ Expectations

How can I be a better candidate? How can I be better for you?  Such are questions so often questioned in both the career and…

September 2017 – Month 52 in Alberta

Outsmarting the banks hell-bent on stopping risk takers such as investors, volatile high-income employees, and entrepreneurs. Shielding the fruits of my labour from the government…

“Maybe at the End of your Career”

Once I was taking a walk with a woman (one who went to university for a traditional white-collar career) and I casually showed her an…