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Philosophy of the Superior Young Man


(1) Other young men are making a career out of chasing dumb girls and sitting in front of the TV with a bag of chips, and young women daydreaming about how many lonely guys with no direction in their lives they can get attention from and waste the lives of away. Meanwhile, I am working on my career, investments, and fitness. Let the others run each other into the ground as I advance, then by the time they have themselves figured out, they would be paying off my Ferrari.

(2) The public is fearful and victim of the average failed investor psychology. Most do not know outside putting their cash into a savings account. This public fear is gold for risk takers like myself, to use to further my investments, business ideas, and education. As mentioned in my previous post: the public’s fear is the cheapest source of money. Take advantage of the downfall and fear of the average person. Be a risk taker. Have discipline during dips of the market where other people are quitting. Take advantage of this fear to acquire assets and work at lower prices.

(3) Confidence. Anyone who thinks I am not good enough for them, is only competition to be crushed (symbolically). I will never devalue myself and never submit myself to defeat at someone’s doubt. Whether it is a woman who thinks I am not good enough for her, an employer/customer who thinks I am not the best candidate, or anyone else I run into who thinks I am not good enough.

(4) To have no fear, and become more powerful after every battle. The average person throws in the towel and goes home upon life’s struggles. The average person is afraid to take risk because of a long list of fears. If I fail, I would have learned something, and next time I will hit even harder. Each time I get up again, while another goes home, is another competitor that I would have outclassed. The goal is to never be defeated. Repeat until success.

(5) To rid myself of the downfalls of the average person: to prioritize future over women, to pritorize fitness over bad eating and lazy lifestyle, to prioritize doing useful reading, research, etc. over useless leisures like sitting in front of the TV with the bag of chips, to have no fear of extreme weather and long hours, as a necessity to be more powerful than the person beside me who went home in defeat.