June 1, 2016 0 Comments Thoughts and Feelings Working in Alberta

Dogs and Futility of People

While I love my dog to death, she coincidently symbolizes the futility of the common person. The common person often won’t be successful because he/she is too easily satisfied- like how my dog reacts when you scratch her stomach or throw her food. If you want her to listen to you, that is probably all you need. Walk out the door for an hour, and she will act as if you were never going to return:

“I missed you! You must have been gone for days! I thought you were never going to come back!”

Sweet and innocent, but that’s all she knows. 

The common person is meant to only do what he/she is told, either by society, by someone, or both, and upon approval, will wag the tail in approval and continue the same life until he/she passes. The common person only wants to do a 9-5 job, live cheque to cheque, fuck and have kids, chase dumb girls and boys, eat chips in front of a TV in their spare time, etc., because that’s all he/she knows. 

Feeding a dog food is like your employer giving you a paycheque just big enough to live nicely, but never enough to escape on your own. Giving your dog a treat is like your employer giving you a bonus so you continue to suck up. 

The common person also is afraid what others think of him/her. If you frown upon your dog, he/she dips her head down in dismay and drops her ears. People act the same way. Socially, it is unacceptable to want to rise above the person beside you, nevertheless acceptable to want to be like the person beside you. A dog is fearful for your disapproval, like your fear of not being liked by the person beside you. 

If you want to be successful, you can never make everyone happy. You’ll make new enemies, yet new friends. Ones destined for failure will hate you more; ones who look up to you will like you more. 

However, one subtile difference between a dog and a person is that the dog is happy and the person isn’t. Success is a very subjective matter- perhaps there ja no shame in wanting to work 9-5 listening to someone tell you what to do, to fuck and have kids, to chase dumb girls and boys, and to eat a bag of chips in front of your TV in your spare time. But many people aren’t actually happy with that arrangement and don’t do anything about it.