August 9, 2014 0 Comments Thoughts and Feelings Working in Alberta

Thought on Young People Financially Relying on their Parents

Growing up and studying around other people my age makes me have this thought often. It was the typical norm for them to have parents buying them homes, their university degrees, cars, and more. Struggling a little? No problem, ask mom and dad and they’ll buy you it. All sorts of youngsters exploited this silver spoon, from the anti-social studious, quiet student from the stuck-up though very cute blonde who most guys would only dream of laying their finger on.

It is easy to automatically get angry at them for not having to work for so many things, and observe as some of them think they are the best, though when you end the stream of support they have, they are nothing.

However, I realized overtime that though I must work for the things I want, and I’ll probably always be working to keep myself afloat… I’ll always be my own person. I can buy and drive any car as I please; theoretically half a year later I can order a Porsche 911 and no one is there to tell me that I cannot. Want a house, I will go get one myself. I choose my own career and jobs. I live where I want, buy what I like, and travel wherever I want. I will enjoy my own hobbies as I please. My mind and body may ache more, and I’m always worrying about what the stock market is doing and how much money I have coming in and remaining, but at least I don’t have someone always telling me what I have to do.