August 24, 2014 0 Comments Thoughts and Feelings Working in Alberta

A Brief Thought about Life

Throughout my travels I talk to and meet many people, and hear all sorts of advice and direction. Theoretically everything sounds so simple: Do A to accomplish B, and then B to C, etc. But there are so many complications; so many ways to go wrong. My memories of my younger university days still remain fresh; once dreaming to become a lawyer, investment banker, etc., and then watched as my previous aspirations shattered admidst fierce competition. Fortunately the Alberta oil and gas industry saved me, and here I am, starting all over again, and now with new dreams renewed. 


So you want to buy a house, rent out part of it, build equity, and have a place to call home.

But then somehow you got to make your credit good enough, worry about troublesome tenants, house maintenance, and worry about job stability to fund the place.

So you want a Porsche? A Ferrari? A Lambo? Somehow you have to make enough to buy one, and then to run one. What if you have kids one day, then will you ever get to see it again? What would you have to do to make that much in the first place?

So you want love? Somehow you got to be a good enough lover, make enough money not only for yourself, but for her, and a family one day possibly, and find a suitable job/lifestyle so that she doesn’t leave you. Somehow you have to look and be better than the guy next to you who would love to steal her away from you.

So you want to invest? Somehow you have to find good stocks/other assets. Somehow you got to make enough in the first place. Somehow you have to have stable and sufficient income to sustain yourself so you don’t have to pull out at the wrong time. 

So you want a career? Somehow you have to be better than it than the person next to you who would love to steal it away from you. Somehow you have to pick something that makes enough money, but won’t make you miserable. Somehow you have to find a way to get into it in the first place.

Life’s complications…