September 20, 2014 0 Comments Experience Working in Alberta's Oilfield, Thoughts and Feelings Working in Alberta

Thoughts from September 8

Last year I made a little pledge to get a property, a Porsche, and a practical education by the time I was 22-23…looking back it has definitely been the biggest fuckaround/struggle. I’ve been constantly making calculations, watching house postings, some mining and oil&gas stocks, shuffling money around here and there, trying to guess what the next paycheque is or what my stock will trade at the next week, talking to people in industry, going to banks, reading reports, bouncing from opportunity to another better opportunity, and then getting more tickets, the Class 1… Been all over the province and was ready to go to the Kindersley or Eskevan area in Saskatchewan as a last resort. Although at a price, am definitely getting a lot more than I started with…

And eventually I see no reason whatsoever why I shouldn’t get what I want. Yeah what I want is usually what later life people have, but doesn’t give me a reason to not want it too and I’ll go to much greater extremes. Then afterwards it’ll be onto the next thing… See how things go…

A mixed feeling about loneliness. Working in an oil town with <400 people in the middle of nowhere. Gets to you sometimes, but to work I'll do it.

Conversely there's the clan of little boys and girls that eat money from their parents and go around chasing dates that are 'hot' but are really useless (I'm sorry… had to say that) and whine about working just 8 hours a day; so my face is not as pretty as that dude's, and you think he is better than me… but I bet I am more fit, have a bigger heart, more educated and experienced, and make more money… and I love to lift just that one extra rep, and work that one extra hour, just to prove my point… even alone. Well I suppose someone else may be an easier love than me- that I can't argue against. But why would I spoil my dreams just to play with you?