May 18, 2016 0 Comments Thoughts and Feelings Working in Alberta

White collar prospectives 

Be the top 5-10% of an elite university after 4-5 years of mental bloodshed, then 1/10 or less of that get the privilege of being recruited into a prestigious line of work at an elite firm, or attending law or medical school.

Then once you’re in, only a certain even smaller percentage survive their way through to climb their way up the food chain, and only the best make it to the high end positions in the top firms; a pinnacle of prestige in the white collar dream.

Such was the reality of the university student and graduate world, especially in the likes of Vancouver and Toronto- and the ones who perish in the battle against the competition, ended up jobless and heavily indebted if they pulled the worst straw. Ones who pulled just a bad straw would be lucky to make $40K a year after spending up to 50, in an unrelated job they never wanted before. But, some people don’t even survive either and end up in complete loss and defeat.

And, that’s the reality for the fat trimmed out of the world of the old money and immigrant wealth. For them, the whole circus is only an extension of their financial arm. For the average person, it is a battle of attrition.

Luckily, Canada’s natural resource-orientated economy offers the failed one last alternative to start a new life: the trades and the oilfield.

Then you start to think it’s all over, when you may meet again, and they will love to take away everything you ever worked for.

So the moral of the story is, fight your very hardest. Fight hard to remain above the competition. Make every day of your life count, becoming something stronger and more powerful after every sunset, for the battle is far from over. Even if you are in a pair of coveralls instead of a suit and tie.