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May Motivation 

A common man concerns himself with:

Why young dumb girls don’t like him 

Why he doesn’t look good enough 

Why he doesn’t make enough money 

Spending his spare time in front of the TV with a bag of chips, instead of using it to become something better everyday 

Spends his spare time chasing dumb girls that fanticize about their loser exes 

Spending his spare money on junk foods that corrode the body instead of quality ones that strengthen the body 

Wonders why he can’t accomplish  something rather than finding out how he can accomplish it 

Wonders why the man beside him is better than him, rather than asking how he can be better than him 

A man above the common man will:

Let the other young men with little direction in their life chase dumb girls that fanticize about the losers that will one day together be paying off your rental properties. 

Don’t ask how to make dumb young girl chasing boys with no life direction like you. Ask how to make young dumb girls be working for your future multi-million dollar business. 

Don’t ask how to be like the dumb ladies boy with a shitty job. Ask how to be above the dumb ladies boy with a shitty job. 

Let the other young men waste their hearts wondering why they don’t look good enough, or why they don’t make enough, or why they can’t accomplish something. And when they find out they do look good enough, it’s good enough to accomplish working for you beneath your feet. 

Let the other young men eat shit food in front of their TV stratching their nuts with one hand, other hand on a dating site looking for dumb girls to like him-  while you are in the gym, eating quality food that strengthens your body and morale, and looking up as you walk by those who one day could be lucky to even work for you. 

Let all these idiots run each other in the ground while you gradually rise above them all. And by the time they’re done figuring themselves out, they will be paying off your Ferrari.