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Young Adult Dating Blues

  A bit influenced on my personal sour dating experiences, I always took very little interest in other young adults. My exact words to someone else:

Describes much of the idiots I dated since I moved here. They just want to fuck and smoke weed in their mom’s basement. If you meet their friends just because they are usually all the same. Problem is you try to associate with them and they only like their own kind… It’s like the stupidity disease, have to be as dumb/lazy as one of them to ‘fit in’. Which is much of what you run into in your youth. Can’t choose. Lol

I think the worse ones is the ones who live off mommy and daddy’s $$$… Some of them would break in tears or fight over the silliest things and can’t even keep a min. wage job. It was comical to be around them sometimes when you wanted to be entertained, at other times you just give them a blank stare.

There is that brief heart-warming feeling of belonging when you meet and spend time with their families and friends. Being someone who came to this province alone with a friend in his car and knowing nobody, some of these “idiots” were really all I ever had here.

Lastly, thinking about one of the ones I dated and looking at the daughter of a colleague, when you are right in front of them in person, you like to ask: “how can they be so innocent?” She was right there in front of me, just grabbing my hair and touching my face. At that moment, all she thought of was me, while in my head partially was an ongoing analysis on how to become a millionaire by my 30s.

And at certain times, that’s all it really takes to make someone happy. It’s that level of innocence that I perhaps shall never reach.