November 28, 2015 0 Comments Experience Working in Alberta's Oilfield

November Blues

Real estate

Today would be officially month 30 in Alberta.

My primary objective to accomplish at almost any cost this year was to buy a home. Unfortunately because of my income inconsistency, the lenders will only accept the Notice of Assessment verification of yearly income, so I am unable to maneuver until next year’s tax return time. At first it was a major blow to morale, but at a second glance, this kick to the nuts also allows me to bide more time to increase savings, and qualify for a larger mortgage.

Work as expected had finally dried up at the beginning of the month. The low oil price has put a severe dent in my earning power, as now many companies are hiring/lining people up only for winter contacts they expect, and major oil players seem to only want to pay when they actually need to once the ground is frozen.

A colleague of mine is trying to get me into an unrelated line of work that would result in a monthly income of about 5000 – 6000 after taxes, but my electrician schooling is being a lot more painful than I anticipated- so I am unable to do much until it is completed. Physically and mentally my body is beginning to wear, slowing down progress. So far according to my calculations, school has cost about $4000 lost in net income. Perhaps mentally I am torn from all of life’s stress, and being out of school for so long has steepened the learning curve.

In the gym, I returned to my 5×5 workout and eating a calorie surplus to increase size and strength. So far I am doing well- I can feel my strength returning rapidly. I do notice some loss in definition, but this is expected due to the sudden jump in water weight. When doing squats at 320LB, often in the middle of my set I feel my energy diminishing rapidly, and pain to raise the bar back up once down to the crouching position.

When I struggle on rep 5 in a middle of a squat set, a picture of my competitors- everyone who has looked down on me throughout my life- from the elite university bookworm losers living on mommy and daddy’s money in their basement, to every bad women I’ve dated over the years who indirectly or directly suggested my replacement(s) were superior – suddenly appeared in front of me in the mirror in front of the squat rack. And, that’s when I let out a roar and threw all my body’s strength to lift the bar up.