July 17, 2016 6 Comments Career Goals, Experience Working in Alberta's Oilfield

Brief Medium-Term Life Goal Reflection

If you knew me since I came to this province, my original intent was to have a property, education, and Porsche by the time I was 23, then as that day came closer, the next idea was to have a Ferrari within 5 years…
In theory, having 3 properties, 2 rented out, for 5 years:
$1000000(1.04^5) – $1000000 + $133680 = $350,333
Assuming the 3 properties are on average about $333K each, and a 4% appreciation rate (a shit estimate) and 133680 being the rent money put towards the mortgages.
That is before considering any other income/savings over the next 5 years. So based on this model don’t see it being an issue… and hopefully by then, I’d be in a position to be just sipping on a nice bottle of wine on a tropical beach somewhere as every other fucktard over the years who has doubted me is bent over living cheque to cheque and knocked up/knocked someone up…
But who knows. Maybe I am an idiot. Maybe I should just stratch my balls. Chase dumb girls. Eat chips in front of the TV. Beg someone for paycheques for the rest of my life. Fuck and have kids. Just be a puppy:
Oh you sad buddy? I throw you a COOKIE. Oh you were gone of 5 minutes? You must have been gone for HOURS! I thought you were never gonna come back!
Maybe that is the BEST philosophy of life.
Everyone has their motivations in life, and this is mine, and it works for me.