September 13, 2016 0 Comments Thoughts and Feelings Working in Alberta

Defending Your Name and the Gym

Defending your name can be one of the hardest things to do. You don’t want to look bad, so you try your best, to look your best. Other people can disapprove of you, and think you are not good enough for them. You hate them, but you stand your ground. You go through great pains- whether for self improvement, or show no weakness or sensitivity to such people. You show them you don’t care, and that they are below you. Sometimes you want to expose your wounds, but you don’t, because you know it will give them a reinforcement of their perceived superiority.

When I go to the gym, it is not just about looking good for women. It is also to avenge my past- to rise above every piece of competition I’ve faced throughout the years- whether it be the elite academics from wealthy families partly responsible for the destruction of my prior academic and white-collar dreams, bad exes who thought losers were better than I and wasted my time and insulted my pride, or jealous coworkers who tried to make me lose my job, and hence everything I had. A healthy body and mind also is one of the greatest weapon of battle- from work, academia, to fighting for the highest position on the social ladder. A healthy body and mind makes you money- it gives you strength- both mental and physical- to face your everyday challenges.

If it just means to look better and be stronger than one more competitor, then I will do it. It gives others 1 less comparative statistic to use against me, and one more trait to be superior than the competitor beside me.