June 3, 2017 0 Comments Experience Working in Alberta's Oilfield

Being a Victim and Slave of Time

This June marks the first month after 4 years in Alberta, upon leaving Vancouver as I threw all my belongings into my car. I’ve made many goals ever since- many which have failed admist stiffer-than-expected competition and rapidly deteriorating economic conditions. Even though I’ve lost many battles, the war has never been lost. I’ve made headwinds in the widely-believed hopeless oil-crash-ridden economy- a couple new property purchases, three new vehicle purchases, and a gradual development of investment experience and literacy, and oilfield, construction, and pipeline experience, education, and skills. However, there is a limit of how rapidly one can advance- being a victim and slave of time. Useable work experience, education, and skills- though not as slow to develop as its white-collar counterparts- still is measured in several months to years. Real estate and other investments takes years to prove their compounded worth, and overcome short-term volatility.  New investments and toys take lengthy periods of cash savings to enter- especially fighting financial institutions, employers, and management’s desires to punish and slow down risk takers and the ambitious. Many failed bankers/analysts/underwriters and more senior employees and employer suddenly become our worst enemies, though a handshake with the devil at the time is often required to do business.

Credit underwriters and analysts do not like people like myself looking to acquire a new piece of real estate every year, aggressively increase income year after year, using the public’s fear (i.e. savings) to increase my buying power, investing in risky equities, and making money through self-employment, or employment in volatile but high-paying industries. The psychological factor is the sheer jealousy stemming from their own failures to take risks beyond their cookie-cutter office job funded by higher education bought by Mom and Dad and/or the government, and their narrow-mindedness developed from society’s expectation for a slow, gradual social ladder climb to mold into the norm and shun those looking to rise above the rest. The financial factor is to shield the bank of the public’s fear like a wild animal protects its young offspring. The resulting implication? I am a victim and slave of time requiring a handshake with these enemies. In order to grow, I must let the clock tick enough first in their favour.

My current experience and financial resources are only sufficient for about a $100,000/year employment income in today’s economic conditions. Hence, this is the current limit of my earning power outside investment and business income. Employers usually do not like to pay anything worth a shit nowadays in a labour market shifting to their favour. More and more people are willing to do more and less, reducing the employee’s market value. Desperate worker syndrome is more rampart than previously, with an ample supply of bodies just grateful to have a job- many even forgetting their wage worth, self-worth, and alternatives.

As I go to work everyday, I perform my work and await the ticking of the clock to earn my hourly or piece-rate pay. I am to wait out the linear clock ticking and passing of each calendar day to acquire a paycheque after an another- from each where I invest x dollars to grow my future earning power. During my working days, underwriters and other financial people have the upper hand as they force me to bide time to acquire more of the public’s fear. I do not possess any divine ability to speed time, for I am simply one chained to a clock’s arm. For now, I will keep doing my work and submitting to my financial enemies’ demands- until the day comes I am no longer dependent on the bank or employer to grow.