April 20, 2019 0 Comments Experience Working in Alberta's Oilfield

Flawed Taxpayer-Funded Banking System in Alberta and Canada

Disgruntled Business Owners Vent their Frustrations at Alberta’s Taxpayer-Sponsored Banking System

Dear government of Alberta,

This is a letter expressing the pains of entrepreneurs and the working people of Alberta.

We handed Jason Kenny and the United Conservative Party a majority government in Tuesday’s election: “Today, our great province has sent a message to Canada and the world: Alberta is open for business.”

Alberta has suffered greatly from the recession for the past 4 years. Worker morale has been at rock bottom. Many people lost their jobs and much of they’ve worked for. Investor risk appetite eroded along with jobs, pulling cash out of oil & gas projects. Investors frantically fled funding that feed families and entrepreneurs risking their life savings to make something happen.

Tax dollars from working Albertans have been allocated for bank funding for young businesses and entrepreneurs. However, these funds don’t reach their intended purpose. Entrepreneurs are shunned for taking risk; punished for an imperfect credit score not reflective of their probability of success.

Our hands can’t even afford their safety tickets to work. We’ve been paying cash out of pocket to get them working – sending 100 more hands for new projects in May. Support is greatly appreciated; we invite you to visit our training center putting people to work.