September 22, 2018 0 Comments Thoughts and Feelings Working in Alberta

Time over Economic Efficiency

Suppose 2 people- each in a Ferrari, travelling the world, and laying on a beach in the morning instead of fighting in traffic to get to work. One is 30, the other 55. The one who is 55 is viewed as the senior who worked his/her way up after putting his/her time in. Relevant qualifications being equal, the one who is 30 is viewed as the sinner who wanted to get rich fast, and should had lived life like everybody else – “go to school, get a job he/she didn’t care for, but be grateful to just have a job. Go from there.” But, he/she picked a path he/she wanted, not one society wanted.

Society favours time over economic and emotional efficiency; seniority over merit – despite the same result. Also, banks, government, marketers of otherwise useless consumer products, etc., would had made more money from the 55 yr old.